Long Distance Medical Transport Services

Long Distance Medical Transport
We do provide long distance medical transport services that start with transportation consulting for the long distance trip.  Eagle Transport may or may not be the best option for your transport. We have access to a network of transportation providers across the country that may be better suited to handle your long distance medical transport  needs than Eagle Transport.

Air ambulance, although significantly more expensive, may be a better alternative.  Air ambulance is much faster, and can be a lot more convenient than riding in a van for extended hours. We can discuss the advantages, benefits and cost of this and other options.

We also refer to a company that has more extensive long distance medical transport services, with varying levels of service. At the highest level, they provide a bus with a room equipped similar to a hospital room complete with oxygen, suction, etc. They can even provide a registered nurse in attendance, and there is room for 1 or 2 family members to ride along. With two drivers this service can provide nearly non-stop long distance medical transport services nationwide.

There are many considerations for long distance medical transportation:

What are the patient’s health concerns?

  • Difficulty BreathingLong Distance Medical Transport
  • Heart condition
  • Foley catheter in place
  • Motion sickness
  • Does the patient need medications
  • Is the patient on an IV
  • Is the patient diabetic
  • Does the patient require a special diet

Is the patient on oxygen?

  • How many liters per minute
  • What delivery device

How will the patient prefer to ride?

  • on a stretcher
  • in a wheelchair
  • or alternating during the long distance medical transport

What does the patient weigh?

  •  Eagle Transport has a bariatric stretcher for obese patients that makes the trip more comfortable, especially for long distance transports.


Give us a call at Eagle Transport. We will discuss your long distance medical transport and help you find the very best solution for your needs.