Bariatric and Stretcher Transportation

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Ambulance Worker with Patient

Stretcher Transport

We provide ambulance stretcher transportation in The Villages, Ocala and the surrounding areas for those who need it. Bed bound patients and/or patients leaving the hospital after hip replacement surgery are perfect candidates for stretcher transportation.  Many of our stretcher transport patients are those who are going for tests that will require a climb onto an examination table.  If this type of climb is going to be difficult or risky for the patient, we recommend stretcher transportation which will allow the patient to be placed on the examination table without peril.

We use the latest Stryker hydraulic stretchers for all of our stretcher transports, making it much safer for both the patient and the driver.  Our hydraulic stretchers have a max capacity of 700 pounds, but for added safety we limit the Stryker hydraulic stretchers to 450-500 pounds depending upon the circumstances.  In cases where a patient’s weight exceeds this or as the situation dictates, we use our bariatric ambulance stretcher. (See bariatric transport below)


Bariatric Transport

Wheelchair Bariatric Transportation

We can provide transportation for patients up to 350 pounds by wheelchair, with advance notice.  We use a bariatric transport chair that is rated for up to 400 pounds, and is narrow enough to get through residential doorways.

Stretcher Bariatric Transportation

Patients weighing over 450 pounds and in need of stretcher transportation are generally more comfortable on the bariatric stretcher. It is wider in design, and provides additional stability for larger patients needing bariatric transportation.  Eagle Transport will accommodate patients up to 700 pounds. The stretcher is actually rated for 800 pounds upright, and 1600 pounds collapsed. We limit our bariatric transportation service to patients weighing 700 pounds or less for the safety of the patients as well as our drivers.

Additional Equipment for Safe Bariatric Transport

For safely transferring bariatric  patients from the bed to a stretcher we use a device called the “Hover Matt”.  The hover matt is like an air hockey table – It is an inflatable mattress with holes in the bottom.  When inflated the patient floats on the mattress and the mattress floats on the jets of air allowing us to transfer the patient safely and with minimal effort.

For patients weighing over approximately 350 pounds, we often use a device called the B.E.A.R, Bariatric Equalizing Abdominal Restraint.  The BEAR secures the patient’s abdomen, holding them in place on the stretcher, providing increased stability and making the transport much more comfortable for the patient.

For the safest bariatric and stretcher transport service in Ocala or The Villages areas, making use of all the latest technology – contact Eagle Transport.